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fix STATIC_URL is empty in Django

When using static files in my Django application, the STATIC_URL is empty even I set it in the setting.py, after a few research, here is how I fixed it.

My static image files are located at movie/static/img (my application is movie)

1. in views.py

from django.template import RequestContext

if you use render_to_response, make sure you add context_instance=RequestContext(request) in it,

render_to_response('movie/index.html', {'movie_list': movie_list}, context_instance=RequestContext(request));

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setup Git on Godaddy linux economy host

There is no version control on Godaddy linux host, which makes the code deployment very painful. So here is how to setup Git on the Godaddy host.

In this tutorial, we set repository on the Godaddy host.

1. download the pre-build git binaries, Godaddy uses CentOS, and the binary is built under CentOS. (Thanks to here)
In your $HOME folder on Godaddy host

% mkdir lib
% cd lib
% mkdir git
% cd git
% wget http://www.lichun.cc/resources/centos5.2-git.tar.gz
% tar -xvzf centos5.2-git.tar.gz

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Add multiple attachments in email using PHP

After googling several posts about how to add and send multiple email attachments using PHP, I found it was uneasy to accomplish it by using the methods from top 20 results on google, either they can show the attachments properly nor can be recognized correctly by gmail. Finally the following codes can correctly add multiple attachments in email.

1. If you want to use array, use the following codes in your html file:

<input type='file' name='uploadedFile[]’ />
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