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use Hive Partition to Read/Write with subfolders

We all know that Hive read/write data in folder level, the limit here is that by default it will only read/write the files from/to the folder specified. But sometimes, our input data are organized by using subfolders, then Hive cannot read them if you only specify the root folder; or you want to output to separate folders instead of putting all the output data in the same folder.

For example, we have sales data dumped to hdfs(or s3), and their path structure is like sales/city=BEIJING/day=20140401/data.tsv , as you can see, the data is partitioned by city and day, although we can copy all the data.tsv to the same folder, we need to do the copy and change the filename to avoid conflict, it will be a pain if the files are a lot and huge. On the other hand, even if we do copy all the data.tsv to the same folder, when output, we want to separate the output to different folders by city and day, how to do that?

Can hive be smart enough to read all the subfolder’s data and output to separate folders? The answer is Yes.

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