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setup Django 1.4 on Godaddy linux economy host

In case you want to use Django framework in Godaddy’s Linux Economy Host, here is the steps:

1. Godaddy has virtualenv installed, so first, create a virtual environment venv: (I use $HOME/lib/ for all the installed stuff below)

cd ~/
mkdir lib
cd lib
virtualenv --no-site-packages venv

The python package folder is $HOME/lib/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages

2. Install the latest Django through pip
pip install Django

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setup Git on Godaddy linux economy host

There is no version control on Godaddy linux host, which makes the code deployment very painful. So here is how to setup Git on the Godaddy host.

In this tutorial, we set repository on the Godaddy host.

1. download the pre-build git binaries, Godaddy uses CentOS, and the binary is built under CentOS. (Thanks to here)
In your $HOME folder on Godaddy host

% mkdir lib
% cd lib
% mkdir git
% cd git
% wget http://www.lichun.cc/resources/centos5.2-git.tar.gz
% tar -xvzf centos5.2-git.tar.gz

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